To become a church that promotes the gospel and love of Christ – not merely through lip service but through life-transforming acts as prayer, servanthood, faithfulness, compassion and worship. 


Based on God’s commands in the Great Commission, Matt 28:16-20; 1 Peter 3:15; and Psalms 96: 1-5. 

Goal: R.I.S.E to Reach, Inspire, Serve and Evangelize


    Two-prong approach.

    1. To promote gospel through our strategic mission initiative areas with greater focus given to East Malaysia. (Establish meaningful partnerships and friendships; increase the financial, material and human resource support; mission trips; prayer support).

    2. To promote the gospel within the church members to raise more people to be involved in mission field. (Through training, prayer station, effective communication, updates on missionaries and mission field, mission trips).


    • Quarterly mission trips to Sarawak
    • Nepali Service – Sundays from 1pm-3pm
    • Telugu Service – Sundays from 4pm-6pm
    • Short-term mission exposure trips through partnership with OM in July
    • Training, seminars, workshops.

    Support for Missionaries

    1. a) Five in different parts of the world


    1. Operation Mobilization (OM)
    2. Youth With a Mission (OM)
    3. Open Doors Malaysia
    4. Bible League
    5. World Evangelisation for Christ (WEC)

    Committee Members

    Chairperson : Rajes Paul

    Committee Members/ Strategic coordinators : 

    East Malaysia – Augustus Jeremiah
    Nepal Ministry – Clement Francis
    Orang Asli – Patricia Rajasher
    Telugu Fellowship – Candra Pal

    Others: Abby Matthew, Sukumaran, Amanda Thomas, Lila Cheliah, Joel Inbaraj, S. Ashwin

        Contact Persons

        Rajes Paul / rajespaul@gmail.com