Christian Education



Christian Education Committee is the lead agency responsible for the intellectual and spiritual growth of the total church. It seeks to teach, guide, encourage, facilitate, inspire and challenge our members towards attaining

      • a deeper understanding of the faith,
      • a closer relationship with our Lord and
      • the actualisation of their Christian faith through service within the church the Brickfields community.


Our three goals are directly aligned to the overall theme of our church’s 4G LIFE i.e. Glorify – Grow – Give – Go. We will continually engage with the other agencies of the church to ensure the church’s 4G LIFE theme is implemented successfully.

As our church’s key focus for 2017 is PRAYER and DISCIPLESHIP, the CE Committee has taken a fresh approach to the teaching and learning of God’s Word. Among the doctrines that will be covered here are The Bible, God the Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Sin and Salvation. The first cohort of Discipleship Studies I (DS I) will commence on 12 February 2017. Classes will be held on Sundays between 10 – 11 am and on Wednesdays between 8 – 9pm.

Members who have completed DS I will be able to move on to DS II which will introduce topics such as Understanding the Bible, Prayer and Evolution. In 2018, we will be studying the gospel of John, Gifts of the Spirit and Spiritual Warfare.

Other short term programs such as a Leadership Seminar, talk /training and a community service project are also being planned for 2018.

Committee Members

Chairperson – Ms Patricia Rajahser
Advisor – Rev. Justin Clarence & Rev Herbert D. John

Committee Members

  • Augustus Jeremiah
  • Mr John Navamany
  • Mr Kingston Sujit
  • Prof Dr Esther Daniel
  • Miss Dorathy Samuel
  • Miss Josephine Mary
  • Miss Judith Tharmaraj
  • Miss Jessie Vadiveloo
  • Miss Joanna Thevathasan
  • Mr Aaron Thomas
  • Mrs Rosalind Joseph

Contact Persons

Ms Patricia Rajahser