Music & Worship


To be people who continuously put GOD first and who honour & Worship HIM with all our Heart, Soul & Mind.

To be a worship team which is focused, talented, and with its sole purpose of providing the best environment to facilitate authentic worship in our services.

To raise the standard of Music & Worship in Our Church and to ensure unity as we must work as one body.

To improve and enhance all related systems within the ministry.


We have planned for speakers to conduct various related seminars and gatherings to help us grow as a Church in awareness and understanding of GOD’s heart towards us. For us to have a loving heart that longs to dwell in GOD’s presence.

Going forward, we wish to grow and improve our Church Praise & Worship Ministry in all aspects and to be people who joyfully and genuinely lead the congregation into GOD’s presence.

Our Focus

Focus on Personal relationship with Our LORD Jesus Christ

  • To pray for one another that we may all grow into HIS likeness as we build our personal relationship with our GOD and Master.
  • To encourage and support one another as we journey through life’s experiences.
  • To be conscious and know of HIS presence with us at all times
  • To always put HIM first in all our activities & decisions and rejoice with a grateful heart
  • as we see HIM lovingly carry us through.

Focus on Standards

  • To improve musical skills of musicians through training
  • To improve quality of singing /Choir of both our services
  • To encourage commitment towards ministry

Focus on Systems

  • To improve and upgrade our Church Audio Systems
  • To ensure security and accountability of all equipment and musical instruments
  • To ensure all the various operational rosters are functioning and up to date.

Contact Persons

Sebastian Thomas
TMCKL – Music & Worship Ministry